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18565Re: [Hammock Camping] update PeaPod experience

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Jan 5, 2008
      billybob38801 wrote:
      > This thing is not perfect for me, and I hate that I can't use it with
      > my HH, for example, and it won't necessarily replace all of my other

      Why can't you use it with your HH? I got tired of the velcro on my JRB
      nest grabbing at my hair, so I vecroed and safety pinned it together.
      It still works fine on my HH. In fact, I think I like it better.

      All the directions say to install the nest, and then pull it back, climb
      into the HH, and the nest will slide right back under you all by itself.
      It wasn't doing that for me until I figured out that my problem was
      having it too tight under the hammock. This was preventing all that
      insulation from doing its job, too.

      It may have been your mention of Ed Speer's directions to make sure
      there's a good 5 inches between the insulating layer and the hammock
      before you even climb in, but sometime in the past month I figured out
      that those 5-ish inches are what's needed to make it work!.

      In fact, last month I had to camp out at one school I teach at (all the
      guest houses were full). I stayed in the HH and slept great except for
      one horrible dog which literally barked at my hammock all night. I
      found out that I could make really speedy exits (trying to kill that
      dog!) even with having to kick the nest out of the way before I could
      leave my HH.

      So, if it's not easily sliding underneath you, then it has to be too tight.

      Some of these things just take me a little longer to figure out...

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