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18528[Hammock Camping] Re: Survival/emergency topics, was Solar Stills

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  • Jamie D.
    Dec 18, 2007
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      Yep, a copious amount of clean water used to flush a wound (at
      pressure if possible) is really all you need. some studies suggest
      it's even potentially more destructive to the injured tissue to use
      peroxide or other anit-bacterial cleaning agents.

      Huh, good old mother nature provided H2O, how about that.

      Another thing I find really interesting is that according to the
      rescue peeps I've talked to most rescues occur within a 72 hour
      period. That has changed the way I look at my "survival" kit.

      Jamie in AZ

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, pure mahem <pure_mahem@...>
      > Thanks for the info I will definately add the women's sanitary pad
      and remove the towlettes now that I know this. The reason I went with
      clorox as a water treatment is that I remember reading in one of the
      outdoor magazines or survival shows that overdosing iodine can be
      potentially deadly where as the clorox has a bit more of a higher
      fudge factor. another thing I thought of is that since I carry the
      alcohol couldn't I dilute a bit of the gel in a bit of water and come
      up with an applicalble antiseptic if needed? For the most part I guess
      I always figured that I would just use my treated water as a flush if
      I needed one.
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