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1847wicking webbing

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  • Debra Weisenstein
    Jun 23, 2003
      On my 4 day hike last week, my daughter and I slept in hammocks one
      rainy night. I noticed a difference in wicking between the polypro
      straps on the 2 hammocks. One hammock used the "heavy weave" straps
      from OWF, the other the "tight weave" straps, which are a little
      lighter. The "tight weave" soaked up water and wicked it under the
      tarp, with water dripping off the liner socks tied on a drip lines.
      The "heavy weave" seemed to absorb much less water and the liner sock
      drip lines stayed dry. There could be some difference in how much
      rain hit the 2 types of webbing because of the trees they were tied to
      or some other factor. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed
      different wicking properties for the different types of polypro webbing.
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