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  • Linda Ellis
    Dec 3, 2007
      --- ian toal <powersurj2002@...> wrote:
      > I have read two books that said bears are attracted to bright colours. I have only seen four
      > or five bears and even with a bright red back pack that has been from a distance and they have
      > never come to investigate. I really think that smell is a much bigger factor and learning food
      > safety will keep you safer.

      We must be reading the same books. I wonder, though, if bears and other animals have learned to
      associate blaze orange with hunters, and avoid them?

      I remember visiting the "welfare elk" preserve in Jackson Hole. We were able to move pretty
      freely among the elk during the winter, because the elk associated the sleds we were in with food
      deliveries, as they are fed here during the winter months. We asked our guide if the elk were
      this friendly during hunting season, and he said they "know" to stay far away during hunting

      > I have also seen a few posts from women in hammock groups who stealth camp by themselves.
      > They use greens and camo for their gear becuase they don't want to be seen.

      This is the balancing act, isn't it. If I were alone, I'd also be more likely to want to be less
      visible, mostly to avoid the human predators out there. We have had several instances of solo
      women being attacked and killed in nearby forest preserves while out for hikes or daily runs.
      While it's probably an angry husband, it still has stopped me from doing my exercising alone on
      the trails. At least, for the time being.

      The Truly Educated Never Graduate
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