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18391Re: [Hammock Camping] Survival/emergency topics, was Solar Stills

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  • Tod Massa
    Dec 3, 2007
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      Clearly the Mutant Attack Goat of the Paul L Wolf Shelter...five miles from Rockfish. There is also a MAG on the Big Schloss trail.

      The deer, and black bears, are so tame in Shenandoah, and so plentiful, that they are almost a special case.


      Ain't got no mo' mojo, but I got plenty o' banjo.

      I have had few animal experiences in shelters. There was a supper time

      bear trying to get to some suspended packs once. A bat flew through the

      shelter several times in the Smoky Mountains one night. Mice in

      abundance everywhere in shelters of course. Hornets in one shelter. And

      a goat tried to attack me at a shelter just south of Rockfish Gap in

      Virginia during a lunchtime break.

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