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18387Re: [Hammock Camping] Will I ever get better at setting up?

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  • Rick
    Dec 3, 2007
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      I once timed myself putting up my hammock and getting in the quilt for
      some purpose on one of the hammock or hiking lists. It was about 2-1/2
      minutes. Add another 2 minutes for the tarp. When I lay out my tarp
      tent, it takes about 2-3 minutes.

      What takes more time is finding the right place. Along the AT, finding
      a good hammock place is easy while finding a place for a tent may take a
      mile of walking. In Texas, oftentimes finding a place for a tent is
      easier than finding the trees for a hammock.

      Practice does make it easier. Not hurrying almost always makes it faster.


      spunky2_2004 wrote:
      > Sheesh! Will I ever get better at setting up???
      > Okay, I'm a total newbie and at the risk of embarrassing myself on a
      > list of several hundred people...here we go:
      > I can count the number of times I've setup and taken down my Clark NA
      > in my backyard experimenting with different combinations on one hand,
      > but will I ever get better at all this? Please tell me, like with
      > everything else, I'll get better with time and practice!
      > It seems as if I could unpack a fancy new lightweight backpack tent,
      > roll out a pad, roll out a bag, and be asleep in less than 10 minutes.
      > As it is now...I've got to tie off my hammock, tie off my bug
      > net/weathershield, tie off and stake my tarp, place and adjust my pad,
      > place and adjust my sleeping bag, blankets, or other things I need to
      > stay warm, crawl in, zip up, then get some sleep.
      > I need LOTS of practice!
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