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18382Re: [Hammock Camping] Survival/emergency topics, was Solar Stills

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  • Tod Massa
    Dec 3, 2007
      70 degree days can equate to 45-50 degree nights in the mountains. I've seen hypothermia begin at those temps that was only stopped by unaffected people paying attention. So, I have a greater desire for warmth than comfort...I can sleep sitting up, reclined against rocks with a poncho liner better than I can in hammock with only a space blanket at those temps. I sleep cold though and you may be different.

      The kid that cut his arm off was in a place alone where he most likely shouldn't have been alone. I was participating in a wilderness ultramarathons when that happened and the consensus amongst those crazy folks was that he put himself in a situation where he was going to get hurt and be alone and was lucky to live through it.

      This brings up a key point about survival whether you are traveling alone or not: Leave an itinerary or let people know where you are going and when you expect to be back.


      Ain't got no mo' mojo, but I got plenty o' banjo.

      Again, my husband and I are mostly planning for emergencies in temperate conditions. We are

      retiring and planning to chase 70 degrees around the country as much as we can! I can appreciate

      your concerns at substantially lower temps, though. We are working with the average 70-degree

      day, but prepped for lower temps for a night to deal with a crisis in the field.

      Again, are you talking about emergency situations, where you find yourself stuck unexpectedly?

      Remember that guy a year or two ago who was climbing alone, and got his arm stuck between some

      rocks? Ended up cutting off his own arm to get free. I bet he wishes he had a decent whistle

      with him. Please remember, I'm talking about an unexpected need for a night out, so the balance

      must be maintained between the weight we'll carry and the probability of needing it.
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