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  • Linda Ellis
    Dec 2, 2007
      --- C C Wayah <ccwayah@...> wrote:
      > Make sure you have a tarp for that hammock and know how to use a tarp. You can always drop the
      > hammock to the ground and use the tarp as a tent in cooler weather. You have options if you
      > have thought about multi-using your gear.
      > Rogene

      Actually, I have a couple of possibilities for a "tarp." The first is, of course, a regular tarp!
      We have several sizes that we keep at "base camp" for various uses. The second, of course, is a
      large emergency blanket, which can be used as a rain fly or lean-to if necessary. Third, we also
      have ponchos that are lightweight, but have the extra "give" to use over backpacks, and have
      grommets in the corners, so they can be used as ground cover or overhead cover, as needed.

      I do appreciate all the ideas!

      The Truly Educated Never Graduate
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