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1836the slit a pain?

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  • simva4040
    Jun 22, 2003
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      no not a pain at all, we just copied the sewing pattern of a pair of
      boxer shorts and then ran a thin strip of velcro along each edge of
      the slit so they would match up....once the underquilt/taco got
      caught in the slit and was held tight by the natural mechanism of the
      HH slit so it stayed in place that way too.
      when you enter you have to fish you hands through two slits though
      and may take 1/2 second to find your way through them both....
      also of interest and I have posted this on other boards is a thicker
      more cold weather intensive underquiilt--->discovered that the Golite
      Fur (no longer made but happened to have one) fit perfectly as an
      underquilt for the HH ultalight backpacker a-sym....we cut a slit in
      it too! and of course sewed on d-rings and mitten hooks/etc to hold
      it in place....tried it in April and roasted-just too darned hot..for
      spring and summer it is the layer of radiantek and silnil and the
      various stuffings from the pack like the Flight mentioned earlier....
      life is a compromise, and so is the HH but you dont have to worry
      about a zipper failure, stringing netting over you and with the utter
      simplicity of tying off a Taco at each end you have incredible
      Ok for now Medicine Man