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18339Re: [Hammock Camping] Solar Stills When You Least Expect Them

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Nov 28 8:20 AM
      I've tried it. It works. In less than two hours, I got a large
      mouthful of water from 2 daisies (flowers, leaves, and stems). The bag
      needs to be clear and the plants need to be in the sun. It has nothing
      to do with cooking the plants and everything to do with the
      transpiration (plants 'breathing').

      As for hammocking, when I bought my Hennessey Hammock, I didn't buy the
      snake skins, but I went all out on the tarp-tensioners. They should
      work for condensation on the underside of the tarp, too--if the
      condensation is heavy enough to start running down the tarp.


      tim garner wrote:
      > one interesting method i've seen (but not put to use) is wrapping a foliage covered branch in plastic (trash bag?) & wrapping the end tight around the branch to seal it.
      > as the sun heats the plastic the green leaves inside will put off moister which will collect inside the bag.
      > that apparently is more practical in a lot of situations than a solar still.
      > that way of collecting water was shown by cody lundun (sp?), a survival expert specializing in desert conditions of the south west US.
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