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18336Re: [Hammock Camping] Solar Stills, was female 'pee bottles' was Panda High Peak as a sleep...

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  • Mike
    Nov 28, 2007
      I should point out that Les Stroud used this technique as only PART of his
      efforts at gathering water and he dug the hole in sand using only his hands.
      The sweat equity was minimal and he didn't completely rely on the still for

      On 12/28/07, C C Wayah <ccwayah@...> wrote:
      > Interesting concept. Now if you could get multi use out of one and
      > adapted
      > it for boiling brackish water/urine so you get water faster in an
      > emergency
      > and combine it with a titanium/backpacking cookpot system?
      > I'm thinking a zipstove with a caldera cone??
      > It would not be engergy efficient but useful for a hiker with a zip with
      > unlimited old dead fallen wood.
      > Oh well just thinking.
      > Rogene.
      > Thanks Cara
      > Maybe digging a 3 foot radius X 3 foot deep isn't necessary. This company
      > produced a really cute design of a solar still
      > > <http://www.watercone.com/product.html>. The problem is, you probably
      > > won't have it with you in a survival situation--that's always the
      > problem
      > > with survival situations!

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