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18335Re: [Hammock Camping] Solar Stills, was female 'pee bottles' was Panda High Peak as a sleep...

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  • C C Wayah
    Dec 28, 2007
      Interesting concept. Now if you could get multi use out of one and adapted
      it for boiling brackish water/urine so you get water faster in an emergency
      and combine it with a titanium/backpacking cookpot system?
      I'm thinking a zipstove with a caldera cone??
      It would not be engergy efficient but useful for a hiker with a zip with
      unlimited old dead fallen wood.
      Oh well just thinking.

      Thanks Cara

      Maybe digging a 3 foot radius X 3 foot deep isn't necessary. This company
      produced a really cute design of a solar still
      > <http://www.watercone.com/product.html>. The problem is, you probably
      > won't have it with you in a survival situation--that's always the problem
      > with survival situations!
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