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18333Solar Stills, was female 'pee bottles' was Panda High Peak as a sleep...

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Nov 27, 2007
      Maybe digging a 3 foot radius X 3 foot deep isn't necessary.

      This company produced a really cute design of a solar still
      <http://www.watercone.com/product.html>. The problem is, you probably
      won't have it with you in a survival situation--that's always the
      problem with survival situations!

      Plastic bags, however, are practically ubiquitous. I can't help but
      think there must be some way to work it with a plastic bag--something
      along the lines of getting water out of trees.


      Rick wrote:
      > Best idea is to try this out before deciding to rely on it. The amount
      > of sweat spent in digging a hole 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep is amazing,
      > especially when one has no shovel. I have tried using smaller set-ups.
      > They have always been disappointing. The essential design criteria is
      > that the slope of the plastic needs to be steep enough so that the water
      > runs off it.
      > I am reading a desert survival book this week. In that book, the solar
      > still is called idol worship. It seems like a good idea, but does not
      > accomplish much.
      > Rick
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