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  • Reilly
    Jan 17, 2003
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      I certainly may not be the most experienced on this list to respond to your questions but I am willing to share my limited experience.
      First, the HH does take a bit of practice getting into.  I spend some time making sure the position of the pad and sleeping bag in the HH are more or less where they will be once I am in the sleeping bag.  Then I crawl in the HH, being careful not to disrupt the position of the pad and sleeping bag as best I can.  I go in butt first.  This usually works with only a minimal amount of scooting up toward the top of the HH.  Once in, when I turn or roll, I try to do it with my body inside the sleeping bag and not turn or roll the whole bag with me.  If you turn the whole bag the pad tends to get 'un-positioned' beneath you.
      So far I have been warm enough using a 20 degree REI subKilo with a Mt. Washington pad.  But then again, I am a wimp and do not camp in the winter--it's near zero outside of Boston tonight!!!!
      Good luck to you.  The comfort of the HH is certainly worth spending some time tweaking your system.
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      Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 8:54 PM
      Subject: Hammock Camping reality seting in

      Well, after about a week and half of sitting around waiting for some
      warmer weather, I realized it is going to be a couple more months before
      I can use my new HH expedition hammock unless I get used to some serious
      cold. So I decided to brave the cold for a little field test. My hammock
      is hanging in the back yard, its pitch black outside, and a crisp 12
      degrees F. So I take my 20 degree mummy bag and a cheap foam exercise
      pad out to the HH to get comfy. Reality sets in. I can see its going to
      take some serious practice before I can jump in for a snooze. I got in
      the hammock okay, and managed to wiggle into my mummy bag, but had
      trouble keeping the pad underneath me. I also seemed to slide down into
      the center of the hammock, and once that happened, the pad had pretty
      much squirted out to the side and was useless as an insulating layer. At
      that point it was impossible to re-position the pad beneath me, since
      there is no way to really get much of my body off of the floor of the
      hammock. I think my slippery sleeping bag added to the problem. What I
      originally thought was a great innovation, Hennessey's bottom entry, now
      seems like it will make it very difficult to get into my bag and keep my
      pad in position. I must admit I haven't had any practice with this gear,
      but I would sure like to hear from anyone who has experience with the HH
      as to the best way to get in and get situated with a pad under you.
      Amazingly enough, even in 12 degrees, I was quite warm in the hammock
      (granted, it was a short period of time, not an overnighter), and I am
      convinced that if I can keep a pad under me I will be able winter camp.
      Has anyone tried putting velcro strips or patches in the bottom of the
      hammock, and on the bottom of a pad? Maybe even more velcro between the
      pad and sleeping bag? Any advice or experience you can share would be
      helpful. Thanks.


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