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  • Brian
    Nov 19, 2007
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Jamie D." <jdeben@...> wrote:
      > Brian Kemsley (baknm@...)
      > Was recently denied membership and has emailed to find out why? I was
      > not the one that denied him so I don't know. Can some one shed some
      > light on this?
      > jamie d
      I do not know what happened....maybe my blurb was not satisfactory
      however it was very quickly amended by a moderator and I am hooked up
      (so to speak) now...thanks and glad to be here. I am looking forward
      to reading back post, etc. and joining in.

      My wife and I both have Hennessey hammocks and about a dozen other
      kinds including ones we bought in the Yucatan. I have our pop-up
      camper set up with a hook on each of the outside four corners so if
      we camp beside a tree we can both hang a hammock from the same side to
      one tree or pole or whatnot.
      I also have a couple of brackets on the inside rear of my motorcycle
      sidecar and I carry a pole with a hook on it so I always have one
      hook-up point for my hammock. Will put some photos up later of both
      things. We travel in Latin America a bit so they really are valuable
      when we do. Spent three months on a camper trip through Mexico,
      Belize and Guatemala last winter and hung out a lot.
      My current dilemma is using a CPAP breathing machine while sleeping in
      the hammock...researching and trying it out. I will search for posts
      about that before I ask you all for input.
      Brian in NM
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