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1828Re: Hammock Camping Re: It's a Shame about Ray

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  • Tony Burnett
    Jun 21, 2003
      When people as me if they should consider a hammock. I tell them
      that if they don't have a problem sleeping on their back and/or sides
      (my shoulder hurts just thinking about it) on the ground, you can't
      beat a tarp, tarptent and/or lightweight tent (Nomad, 2-4-2, Europa
      II, etc.).

      But if you can't sleep well on the ground, hammocks rock.

      Ray obviously doesn't have a problem sleeping on the ground (that he
      admits). So, to him an his ego, it just doesn't make since to even
      consider anything else.

      --- Risk <geoflyfisher@...> wrote:
      <snip Ray vs. Hammocks vs. Tarps, etc.>


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