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18209Re: Best material for making quilts for use inside the hammock

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  • Jon Davis
    Oct 16, 2007
      Ah, I understand your question better now.
      From what i can tell from the product information there is basicly a
      curve of increased weight, increased comfort, for the same
      insulation value. the most insulative being the xp then hl then cl,
      the combad seems to fit in somewhere between xp and hl because it is
      the lightest insulation but has a mid level warmth to weight ratio.

      light, soft, warm. pick 2


      > Jon,
      > I understand what you are saying. What I didn't have a good
      > understanding of was in reference to the various versions of
      > insulation that Climashield sells
      > http://www.climashield.com/products.php . They have their XP, HL,
      > and Combat versions. Their specs indicate that the HL is the
      > lofting version and the XP has the most insulation per ounce... my
      > question was why would you use anything other than the XP since it
      > the most insulation per ounce. Surely there are other tradeoffs
      > because if there wasn't... why would you need anything other than
      > XP version? I was curious as to what those tradeoffs were. On
      > product pages, they list the same 4 applications for all four
      > versions-- sleeping bags, outerwear, footwear, and gloves.
      > Dave Womble
      > aka Youngblood 2000
      > Designer of the Speer Segmented Pad Extender, SnugFit Underquilt,
      > Winter Tarp
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