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18202Re: [Hammock Camping] leave no trace research on hammocks

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  • C C Wayah
    Oct 29, 2007
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      We're doing a university reseach about the impact of hammocks on trees and
      we need your help! Please take a few seconds to tell us:

      1- what type of rope/strap you use and the size
      2-What is the perfect rope angle for confort (45 degrees from vertical??)

      Without studying the trees long term for damage how can you know what is
      best. One night on a tree may not show damage untill weeks and months from
      when it was used
      so the hiker is not there to observe.

      Angle is not specific enough to answer properly/scientificaly I would
      think.. I don't think there's a hammock alive that is horizontal to the
      tree it's hung from.
      Unless it s the tent platform that is wratched to the tree.
      Distance apart the trees are and the sag of the hammock
      with a lot of other variables such as your weight how tight you stretched
      the hammock all are variables to concider.

      Angle of the rope sides against the tree may not be under exacting controll
      for a defintive study and different barks such as smoothed barked trees
      verse rough barked trees may be an issue too.
      That being said I use the tree huggers from Ton Hennesy.
      Angles varry each time it's used acodrding to the disance of the trees and
      how taught I hung the hammock. I don';t have a level on my hammock for
      complete data records.

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