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18176Re: [Hammock Camping] Water in the Southeast

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  • tim garner
    Oct 22, 2007
      like Marta said, carry more water containers for one thing.
      also, a person may want to choose a pack that can carry a little more weight comfortably so they can carry water when they need to with out killing their back & shoulders.

      and a person would do well to know how to find water in places other than the most obvious places.
      i have found trickles of water in low places that form off the trail (beginning of a gully) where the there is a lot of green, like rhodoendrons. it would appear as a trickle in places, then disappear beneath the leaves & into the ground.
      i used a dry, curled rhodo leaf as a straw to get the slow moving water into my cook pot. then i used the water filter to pump it into the water bladder.

      another time up on a long dry ridge, we stopped at a seep (water dripping from mossy rocks) & i spread a trash bag on the ground to collect the drips. it didn't take long until i had enough to fill my water bladder & those of two friends.

      but even those opportunities aren't always available, so it's best to think ahead & drink up when you can. "Hydrate or die!"... or at least suffer<g>. ...tim

      Dave Womble <dpwomble@...> wrote:
      Any advice on trails in the SE for 50 to 100 mile backpacking trips in
      this current drought?

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