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18162Re: Best material for making quilts for use inside the hammock

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  • rghickma
    Oct 12, 2007
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      Good inputs, definitely gives me something to think about. I guess
      I should get some hang time in under some colder conditions to help
      better determine my needs.

      I made a cocoon based on Deb Weisenstein's design at:

      I used 1.1 ripstop for the inside and 1.9 ripstop for the exterior
      and top, the material was great to work with, no issues sewing or
      sewing the insulation material into the seams. I was able to shape
      the insulation forming it to keep the desired shape without undue
      tension causing any collapse of the insulation when in place over
      the hammock.

      While I have no reviews of how my cocoon actually performs while out
      camping because I have not had a chance to try it in various weather
      conditions. I am approaching the fabric choices for the quilt(s)
      with a little more caution since I could end up with a large expense
      in materials and they will be inside the hammock making the feel of
      the fabric seem a bit more important.

      Material sources for the cocoon:
      - Ripstop fabrics were ordered from Ed Speer
      - Insulation material was ordered from thru-hiker.com

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