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18161Re: NYE at Springer

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Oct 13, 2007
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      You are just too nice for words!

      We have this separate off-line thread among some of my gal-pals met through
      the WomenHikers group. A few of us have been trying to figure out a way to
      "kidnap" a friend who could use a break. One of those kidnapper-wanna-be's
      could use a break herself, but may not be able to get away from her family
      obligations. We started kicking around bringing the "voluntarily kidnapped"
      friend to the one who couldn;t get away. Now my co-ringleader has wrecked
      her vehicle. What a mess!

      I will try to sort out what I can over the weekend. Do men let things get
      this complicated, or is it just how the convoluted female brain works???

      Thank you so much for your most kind offer. I would LIIKE to take you up on
      it, if I can manage the trip.

      I never cease to be amazed at how kind the Trail Community is to each other.


      Re: NYE at Springer
      Posted by: "Dave Womble" dpwomble@... dpwomble
      Date: Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:19 am ((PDT))


      Okay, we are getting some of the parameters nailed down. I did a
      little looking at my maps and made some estimates (if someone has done
      this before and knows better, please speak up). With a noon airport
      dead line the MARTA connection doesn't fit in well.

      The 1 mile walk on the AT from Springer to the parking lot: 1/2 hour.

      The 6.5 mile drive on Forrest Service Road 42 to Doublehead Gap Road:
      1/2 hour.

      100 mile drive from there to ATL airport: 2 hours.

      I'm figuring your best case is that it will take 3 hours to get you
      from Springer to the ATL airport. Can you make that work? If you can
      I can drive you all the way to the airport.

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