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18151Re: NYE at Springer

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  • Dave Womble
    Oct 11, 2007

      How many people do you have to get to an airport and by what time at
      the Atlanta airport? The MARTA train goes out north of Atlanta a
      little ways and the train goes to the airport, which is south of
      Atlanta http://www.itsmarta.com/ . Some people, me in particular,
      would have it so it wouldn't be any trouble to drop you off at the
      MARTA station as that route wouldn't be out of my way while the
      airport itself would be an additional 60 mile round trip or so but
      might get you there a half-hour or so quicker.

      You do realize that the NYE thing is iffy if a big winter storm comes
      through. If it was me getting you to a MARTA station, I would count
      on a two hour drive from Springer to the Doraville MARTA station or
      North Point MARTA station, and then a hour commute on the train, where
      you just stay on the train until it ends at the airport from either


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rosaleen Sullivan"
      <rosaleen43@...> wrote:
      > Hi, Guys-
      > I am going to predict there will be several people from this list
      heading out to Springer for New Year's Eve this year.
      > There is an outside chance I can get there this year, culminating a
      very convoluted trip with some gal pals. A critical piece of the plan
      involves getting back to the Boston area before school starts on Jan. 2.
      > Is someone here who is planning to celebrate NYE on Springer able to
      drop me off at the Charlotte, NC, airport by about 4 PM on Jan 1? The
      Atlanta airport is a second choice. I do not expect a free ride, just
      reliable and reasonable.
      > Thanks, in advance, for any consideration.
      > Rosaleen
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