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18140Re: Best material for making quilts for use inside the hammock

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  • rghickma
    Oct 4, 2007
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      Thank you for your inputs on the materials. If I don't get the DWR
      coating on my rip stop would I be making a poor decision?

      To address your question on insulation choicesÂ… I used the
      Climashield Combat for my cocoon and I really liked how it handled
      and stayed put. When making the cocoon it felt comfortable without
      being too much for warm weather. Then when looking at making a nice
      thick quilt for use in cold weather, I was thinking that I didn't
      want to have more than two layers of the insulation and that the
      best temperature rating would then be provided by the 5oz
      Climashield XP.

      So the short answer is, I am considering these combinations based on
      perceived comfort and that I have had my hands on one Climashield
      product as my only justification. I would be curious if there are
      other insulations that provide equal or better handling properties
      and better warmth that I should entertained.

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