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18131Best material for making quilts for use inside the hammock

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  • rghickma
    Oct 3, 2007
      I am working up a concept quilt set for use inside my hammock.

      I plan to make a quilt set (pair of quilts that can be used
      individually or together):
      •Warm weather – One layer Climashield Combat
      •Cold weather – Two layers Climashield XP 1.2" (making 2.4")

      •Does not need to be as wide as the typical camping quilt kits on
      the market
      •Both quilts should have a foot pocket
      •Head end should be longer on sides to allow it to form around neck
      and over shoulders (when laying on back, since that is how I sleep)
      •I will add darts in various locations to make it more form fitting
      and promote it staying in place while sleeping

      Materials I am considering:
      Top – 1.9oz Ripstop
      Bottom – 1.1oz Ripstop or .9oz Taffeta
      Insulation – Listed above using continuous fiber materials

      Here is where my questions start:
      1) I have never used Taffeta, should I go with it for comfort and
      breath ability?
      2) Are there other considerations I am missing for using Taffeta
      over Ripstop?
      3) Are my assumptions aligned to the masses who have done a lot of
      hammock camping in various conditions?

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