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18129Re: Where do you keep your rucksack and equipment?

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  • Dave Womble
    Oct 3, 2007

      That is great advise, you only have to have that happen once and you
      can be in a real jam.

      Along that line of things to avoid, another issue with footwear is
      when it drops below freezing. Then you have to keep them from
      freezing or keep them wide open so you can get your feet inside them
      if they freeze solid and try to warm them up with your feet inside
      them. I find it tricker to deal with footwear in sub-freezing
      temperatures since I started hammock camping. You got any advice on that.

      Dave Womble
      aka Youngblood 2000
      designer of the Speer Segmented Pad Extender, SnugFit Underquilt, and
      Winter Tarp.
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