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18088Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Bridge Hammock ...is it comfortable?

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  • tim garner
    Sep 24, 2007
      i have to say, in my hammock i'm so close to flat that the slight curve is hard for me to detect. i need to get someone to check it w/ a line<g>.
      i use a different method than most... narrow hammock, hung w/ not much sag. i also use a DAM, softly inflated to conform.

      but when i've laid in other hammock types... a loosely hung, 5' wide by 11' long hammock (dave's), & a hh clone (headchange's) i was also so close to flat that if there was a sag going in the direction of a banana, it was very minimal & i was extreamly comfrtable w/o a DAM. mater a fact in dave's wide hammock, my feet seemed to rest a few inches lower than my back as they were off to one side, and the back/torso was perfectly supported.
      the only reason i haven't made a wider hammock like that is more hammock material & more insulation. but it was so comfortable, i might could do w/o the DAM.

      i haven't wanted to be negative toward the bridge type hammocks, because they will probably suit some folks better, but the two i've laid in seemed far to rigid & non-conforming after using the more common types.
      i disliked the shoulder squeeze too but of course i realize that can probably be helped by using longer spreader bars.

      another thing i really like about my hammock style is lower sides for a great view!!! ...tim

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