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18009Re: single point hoisting systems

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  • Dave Womble
    Sep 10 7:02 AM
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Tucker"
      <tuckerloans@...> wrote:
      > Hello! I look forward in reading posts and learning from everyone. My
      > son and I have started hiking and we are getting to the point of
      > camping over night. We live in Maryland and we have already seen
      > coyote, fox and have heard of a black bear sighting in our area.
      > I want to look into SINGLE point hoisting systems that will raise a
      > hammock above the trail for a safe night rest. Does anyone have any
      > links or pointers for us?
      > Rick


      Welcome to the forum.

      As a new backpacker, I think you may be overreacting to the dangers of
      backpacking in Maryland. In other areas of the world your precautions
      might be warranted but I don't think so in Maryland. It is customary
      to hang your food, cooking utensils and other smellables overnight to
      keep critters out of them. You should be fine sleeping in a tent,
      trail shelter, under a tarp or just under the sky. Of course most of
      us here prefer hammocks but that is not usually for a safely issue.

      Suspending yourself in a tree out of reach of wild animals is a danger
      in itself may be far greater danger that the threats of wild animals
      in Maryland. Maybe you should look at starting out camping on the
      Appalachian Trail, it goes through Maryland and has some shelters that
      other folks are likely to be camping at as well-- bring your own tent,
      hammocks, or whatever, and set them up near the shelter. There are
      usually tent sites close by and trees for hammocks. That should
      soothe your nerves about the noises critters make in the night and
      give you a chance to see how others handle camping issues. Another
      option would be starting out at primitive campsites, both private ones
      and at state parks where you wouldn't feel isolated or even one of the
      drive in campsites where your vehicle is near bye.

      A lot of us will be camping in such a campsite this weekend in Hot
      Springs, NC on one of our SouthEast Hammock Hangers Association
      (SEHHA) get togethers. The Appalachian Trail goes through the town of
      Hot Springs, NC. http://www.hammockcamping.com/Assets/HotSpringsSep07.htm

      Dave Womble
      aka Youngblood 2000
      Designer of the Speer Segmented Pad Extender and the SnugFit Underquilt
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