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18RE: Hammock Camping Re: OK.....first question

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  • Ed Speer
    Jan 9, 2003
      You're righ Marge.  Hammock campers are mostly free from snakes and critters; but that's actually one of the common first questions I'm asked about hammocks.  Most campers falsely feel more secure with tent walls around them; What they can't see they aren't afraid of. They feel more exposed with an open hammock/rain canopy.  Of course, the truth is exactly the opposite; ground sleepers are much more likely to have unwanted animal/insect encounters.  I've noticed that in my stealth camp sites, most animals are indifferent to my present and often forage for food only a few feet away, but never getting any closer.  Deer, foxes, squirils, rabbits, racoons, porcupines, owls, song birds, crows, etc all fit this category. Dogs and even bears also keep their distance!  In my experience with both dogs and bears in camp, they showed no fear and came within inches of sleepers on the ground, but they gave my hammock a wide berth--they were intimidated by an animal that sleeps 3 feet off the ground!
      Now you guys did it to me.   I thought when I got the hammock I would be
      free of snakes and critters and what do I read on my first day
      here....snakes and critters.

      Cheers,   Marge.
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