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17978Re: Leaky hammock

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Sep 1, 2007
      Hi, Brian-

      I'm especially time-challenge lately and have not added previously to this discussion.

      If you had water problems, I would guess it is from blowing rain. The Prussic knots that hold the fly onto the hammock suspension lines should function similarly to "drip lines," as long as those knots are tight. Get into your hammock for a minute or two, then get out and tighten lines after things have moved and settled.

      When you are setting up, the sides of the fly should be positioned and snugged before the long ends are tightened up. Use this same order when retightening lines. As you said, be sure to line up the corners as you set up, checking these during the snug-up process. In stormy weather, be sure the fly sides are pulled/angled as low to the hammock body as possible without totally cutting off air circulation.

      If the storm conditions that you encounter overcome the design and taut set up, consider applying a waterproof-breathable spray on the hammock body. I've stayed dry through tropical storms in the Ultralite Backpacker, the model before the Asym backpacker. If you are using the Expedition Asym, the hammock body has a different fabric, more breathable, but not one with a DWR finish.

      Good Luck!


      Re: Leaky hammock
      Posted by: "Brian Tutor" btutor@...<mailto:btutor@...> btutor
      Date: Fri Aug 31, 2007 4:49 pm ((PDT))

      I just went through this myself. I am prepping for a 2 month AT
      section hike. So during a recent rainy evening I took my stock
      Hennessey Expedition Asym out in the backyard for the night. I
      started out with the tarp flipped the wrong way. When setting up
      make sure the corners of the tarp are centered over the tie-outs on
      the hammock. If not flip it over and check again.

      But even after I had it setup properly I had a wet night. I did have
      drip lines tied to both ends. (SNIP)

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