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17975Re: Leaky hammock

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  • Brian Tutor
    Aug 31, 2007
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      I just went through this myself. I am prepping for a 2 month AT
      section hike. So during a recent rainy evening I took my stock
      Hennessey Expedition Asym out in the backyard for the night. I
      started out with the tarp flipped the wrong way. When setting up
      make sure the corners of the tarp are centered over the tie-outs on
      the hammock. If not flip it over and check again.

      But even after I had it setup properly I had a wet night. I did have
      drip lines tied to both ends. My problem was that the stock tarp
      ties directly to the main suspension line. No matter how tight you
      get the tarp as soon as you get in it will sag.

      I managed to stay out all night but I was definitley damp. And this
      was a fairly gentle rain with no wind. In a storm I would be risking
      hypothermia with my down bag. I'm sure with careful setup and alot
      of experience this tarp would suffice. But I don't want to be out
      with a measuring tape in the middle of storm.

      I opted for a 9'x9' tarp that I tie off directly to the trees. This
      way you can tie it off lower than the main suspension line. When you
      get in the tarp and hammock are nice and close. Also the additional
      tarp size can be staked down to the ground to fully stop all blowing
      wind and rain. Finally since you carry it separately you can setup
      just the tarp when the rain begins. That way you can be nice and dry
      while you setup your hammock and camp.

      I couldn't afford a light silnylon tarp so I went with this one.
      It is a little heavier but the material won't stretch and it is cheap.
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