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17971Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Marking Ends ( was Leaky hammock)

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Aug 31, 2007
      That's exactly what I do. Also, I have a stuff sack large enough so the
      hammock and the JBR nest can easily go in all together. Saves fiddling
      around with set up and take down. I think it's easier on the nest to
      put it into a large stuff sack and then have heavier things compress it
      into my pack than to cram it into the little silnylon bag it comes with.

      Also, when setting up, I try to tie up the head end first at the more
      awkward place to set up. Then I do all my adjusting at the foot end to
      get the angles right (I like head a little lower).


      Dave Womble wrote:
      > Back when I used a hammock that had a unique head end and foot end I
      > didn't mark which end was which but I did keep up with where each end
      > was. I used a large enough stuff sack to easily stuff the hammock
      > into it and I stuffed it so I knew which end came out of the stuff
      > sack first. To do that you have to properly stuff it and I did that
      > by untying the foot end, rolling up the suspension line, putting that
      > in the stuff sack first, then stuff a foot or so of the hammock at a
      > time until I got to the second tree, then I would untie that, roll
      > that suspension line and finishing stuffing. That leaves the
      > suspension line for the headend at the top of the stuff sack. So when
      > you deploy it, you take out the suspension line for the head end, tie
      > that off and just hold on to the bottom end
      > In simpler terms it goes like this and it is no problem if you can
      > keep up with it (head out... foot in... just like a sleeping bag):
      > 1- Use large enough stuff sack to easily stuff the hammock.
      > 2- Always stuff the foot end first (that's the 'in' part).
      > 3- Always deploy the head end first (that's the 'out' part).
      > Dave Womble
      > aka Youngblood 2000
      > designer of the Speer Segmented Pad Extender and SnugFit Underquilt
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