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17963Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Leaky hammock

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Aug 30, 2007
      That's one of the first things I did when I got my HH, but I used
      white-out mixed in glow-in-the-dark fingernail polish (white-out by day,
      polish by night). I marked the plastic ring on the tarp and the plastic
      hook on the hammock. As it turns out, I ended up not using the marks as
      the water-bottle funnels/fly tensioners made the match much more

      Another thing I did was exchange the tarp lines for pink and white.
      This was to keep me and others from tripping over them. I could have
      used Trip-Tease, but I already had the the other colors.


      tim garner wrote:
      > dt king <whipmaker@...> wrote:
      > Ya know, think I'll break out the sharpies and deface my tarp and
      > support lines just enough to color code the ends.
      > David King
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