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17956Re: Beach Hammock set-up

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  • wootres4
    Aug 29, 2007
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      Using Youngblood's article on sag angles, I came up with a 102 inch
      ridgeline for my ENO Double Nest hammock. It's Parra cord attached
      via carabinas and I wouldn't consider it structural. Regardless, it
      gives me a straight line to level the set up with and an almost
      perfect unoccupied 30 degree hang every single time. The angle
      changes when I get in, but this is the "feel' I'm used to and like.
      Then there is the advantage of hanging things on it when I'm in the
      All around I owe thanks to Dave (Youngblood) for the idea that is
      the best addition to my set up I've yet to come across.


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      > Thats interesting. i need to find more info on that do you know
      where i can find out about structual ridgelines
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      > From: Garry
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      > Subject: [Hammock Camping] Re: Beach Hammock set-up
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      > > Gary love the pics.. i have an ENO set up as well.. i see that
      > yellow rope you have tied under you rain fly what was that for?
      > >
      > >
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      > > From: Garry
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      > > Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 1:17 PM
      > > Subject: [Hammock Camping] Beach Hammock set-up
      > >
      > >
      > > Went San Gregorio beach this weekend to try setting up the
      hammock and
      > > experiment how to set up in such conditions. This beach has
      lots and
      > > lots of drift wood.
      > > First I found a few rather large logs and did a few drop tests
      on some
      > > other logs to listen for any cracks or deadwood type noises.
      > > Then dug a small but arm length holes with my hands. Set the
      > at a
      > > bit of an outward angle \ / , a bit wider than I would
      normally look
      > > for in width. set up the hammock and gingerly climbed in. the
      logs did
      > > straighten up a bit. But the held great with only about 24-30"
      of hole
      > > depth. Next time I will pack some wetter sand in the front to
      stop too
      > > much movement, maybe add a few smaller sticks to shim the hole
      a bit
      > > perhaps.
      > > Set up the rain fly for some shade and enjoyed my vanilla soda
      > a wee
      > > nap.
      > > Next time it is rock hang experiments with a trip to rei for
      > > climbing nuts. I think most of the fun for me is trying to
      find new
      > > places to hang!
      > > Put some pictures in
      > >
      > > garrys_pics folder here in the group photos.
      > >
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      > >
      > >
      > >
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      > >
      > The yellow cord is not really functional in this setup since the
      > flexed too much. Normally it is a structural ridge line. It
      > to keep the exact same hang angle by pulling the slap straps
      tight so
      > the cord is as hand pull tight as I can, then the hammock hangs
      > the biners at the same angle each time. I spent 2 night last
      > camping in the hammock and having a consistent hang each night
      > all the difference in comfort. Plus it helps hang the bug net
      > the extra line, and gives me somewhere to hang gear inside at
      > -g
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