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17953Leaky hammock

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  • Debbie
    Aug 28, 2007
      Hi Everyone

      I don't seem to have much of a chance to enter into any discussions
      lately too many trips, though I do read most of the e-mails. Good stuff!!

      I was guiding a trip on the 'West Coast Trail' off of Vancouver Island,
      BC, 2 weeks ago and for the first time I used my Hennessey hammock out
      I had used a Siam hammock before but was not happy with it. The
      Hennessey is more stable, though hanging out there does create its own
      issues. I will send pictures later.
      On the 5th night out at 52 km it poured with rain at 5am for over an
      hour. My hammock got soaked and I found myself running into one of my
      clients tents for shelter (not a good thing).. So I tightened everything
      down the next night as well as adjusted it as much as possible, well it
      rained again the next night and yes it leaked again not as bad and was
      able to get on my side enough that it did not get my sleeping bag.
      So now I am thinking of a bigger tarp or ANY suggestions would do.
      I cannot afford that to happen in the mountains at all. Not using my
      hammock would not be a good thing. I do have a Hennessey Ultra light

      Debbie in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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