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17951Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Beach Hammock set-up

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  • tim garner
    Aug 28, 2007
      billy... i don't use a structural ridge line... at least not like most people do.
      mine is left tied to the hammock support on the foot end, but i tie it to the tree at the head end after i hang the hammock. but i may soon change that.
      it's purpose is to hold up storage end covers(SEC). the SECs protect the hammock ends from blowing rain, allowing me to keep the tarp higher for better ventilation & a better view.
      they also provide storage for all my gear when the hammock's hung.

      there are others here that can tell you a lot more about choosing a suitable line to use, setting the proper length, etc.
      one good source for seeing an explanation of ridge lines & a lot more is jeff's web site

      Billy Chard <bc100s@...> wrote:
      Thats interesting. i need to find more info on that do you know where i can find out about structual ridgelines

      don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!!!

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