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1793920th SEHHA camp out

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Aug 21 4:56 AM
      Too bad the campout isn't around MA. Our temps are in the 50's F, right now. Of course, by the weekend the temps are supposed to climb into the 90's and the humidity will be oppressive.

      "If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes!"

      Y'All have fun!


      Re: [SPAM][Hammock Camping] 20th SEHHA camp out !!!
      Posted by: "Ed Speer" ed@...<mailto:ed@...> edspeer2002
      Date: Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:45 pm ((PDT))

      Tim, as always Karen & I are looking forward to the next campout. Several
      others have also expressed an interest in coming, so it promises to be 20-30
      hammockers again. Cooling off in the river sounds quite inviting right

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