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17918Re: Giving Up

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  • Brona
    Aug 9, 2007
      Steve, Then you can appreciate the kind of time and training that
      goes into having goats. A part of my mind keeps saying "fight this,
      it isn't right!" and then the other 3/4's says "the battle is too
      large and not worth it, just go hike."
      It looks like hopefully this winter/fall we might be heading out
      your way....hike, visit family, Mexico for dental work, etc. It
      would be great if you know of some trails that we "just can't miss"
      to get some information from you.
      Hopefully our trails will cross,
      Brona and Thomas
      Buddah and Cosmo

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Galchutt"
      <s2ranch@...> wrote:
      > > really sorry to hear that brona.
      > Me too Brona!
      > Especially since I'm also a goat packer! I love my goats and
      > love to take them back packing. They are the best trail buddies
      > imaginable. Low impact, non aggressive, quiet gentle creatures who
      > love to hike and explore with me while helping carry the load!
      > I'm always sorry to hear about goats being banded from an area!
      > there's a good reason?! But NPS and NFS have their 'rules' which
      > sometimes make sense and sometimes it's all political nonsense(BS)
      > IMHO. The problem is we have to play by their rules or beg
      > and/or pay their fines!
      > Best of Luck! Hope you find your rig!
      > Cheers, Steve in CO
      > http://www.angelfire.com/planet/goatman
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