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17913Re: [Hammock Camping] Giving Up

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  • tim garner
    Aug 6, 2007
      really sorry to hear that brona.
      i meet you at one of ed & karen's camp outs at hot springs last year.
      i don't know what to say except that those that are supposed to be managing our resources, usually forget where their priorities are supposed to be.
      but i hope you'll continue to take advantage of all the trails you can. ...tim

      Brona <i_reiki_u2@...> wrote:
      I have put off writing this for sometime now trying to decide just
      what is the best course of action. (For those of you who don't
      know, I have been in an arm wrestling match with the NPS to allow my
      Registered Service Animals, which are goats, to be on the trail thus
      allowing me access to the AT.)
      The AT community has become somewhat of a family for me and hiking
      on the AT - a passion. Yes, there are other trails but none like
      the AT and it is sooooo close for me. Yes, there may be other
      communities but none like the folks associated with the AT.
      Everyone on this group is special.
      It seems that the NPS has the upper, larger hand when it comes to
      this arm wrestling match. I am out here all alone. There seems to
      be no group, organization, lawyer, etc wishing to assist me. Even
      the ACLU doesn't tackle this kind of thing! This is not a fight I
      can fight alone. My health is too fragile. My time is too
      I am making the decision to spend my time quietly in the woods
      somewhere else other than fighting a seemingly pointless, useless,
      endless battle. I have no desire to be a poster child for this
      What the NPS has done is illegal and a slap in the face for all
      disabled people. I have asked for nothing more than to let me hike
      the trail. What I ask the NPS for costs them no money or time. The
      NPS did give me an alternative (which they legally have to do).
      That is to allow the group size to increase so that I could have
      other people carry my things for me. What an insult! Not to speak
      of what additional people would do to the trail compared to my
      service animals. And that act would also take away my independance
      which the service animals provide. Even if I didn't prefer the
      solitude of the trail, I can't afford to "hire" anyone to go with
      me. Besides, not many people want to be on the trail during the
      winter/colder months. I was also told by the NPS that I could not
      be on the AT period but could be on the other trails that cross the
      AT. This in effect is closing the entire AT park to me and that is
      also illegal.
      It would be great to be a "normal" person without the need for
      Service Animals. To have the freedom to be able to go and do
      without the extra baggage associated with being "imperfect". To be
      able to do things "normal" people can do. But I am not. I am me
      and this is what I have in my life and what I have to deal with. If
      I had a choice, I wouldn't choose the extra burden of having to deal
      with service animals on the trail. I too would prefer to have
      nothing more than my own pack on my back.

      An update on the theft of our truck and camping trailer from
      Damascus, VA: There is nothing new except that now that the Police
      Chief has been arrested for illegal activity, we wonder if their
      might be some ties to the auto thefts in the area as they did tell
      us where to park and that it would be safe. The truck and trailer
      have not been located. I currently have my SUV for sale so that I
      can purchase a replacement truck which I have found. Also, I am
      looking for a slide-in camper for a short bed truck. The service
      animals will be in their pull along trailer as before.

      Thanks to all and enjoy!

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