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17866Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Chair Camping?

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  • podlife59
    Jul 15, 2007
      I have been thinking about what you all have been writing and I
      believe there are some really interesting possiblities for hammock
      chair camping. After looking how the brazilian hammock chairs are
      made I was thinking that the set up really doesn't have to be much
      different than normal hammock camping most of you are use to.
      Instead of a wooden spreader bar a taut ridge line could be used to
      keep the hammock chair from spreading beyond a certain point. A few
      differences would be shorter distance between two trees, shorter
      rainfly (or not) depending how much coverage you desire. You could
      still keep the element for stealth camping as well. As for making a
      hammock chair with the whipping technique I can see that the
      gathering area points would produce more of a trapezoid shape than a
      rectangle as for a normal hammock. As for sleeping with a sleeping
      bag this could produce some problems unless you could customize your
      sleeping bag to snap together above the shoulders. Possibly a mummy
      bag would work which as you know is more form fitting and some tie
      around the neck and have a built in hood. A teepee design which
      could be a much more elaborate design and a lot more material but
      eliminate some problems like a cold wind and blowing rain. If you
      already have a hammock chair with a wooden spreader bar you can hang
      it from the center of your teepee frame. I think I would have a
      four pole minimun so you have some room. A tripod frame would have
      to be pretty huge to accomodate a person I would think. I know that
      for some folks part of a good camping experience is to build
      structures from wood with lashing techniques and other backwoodsmen
      skills. Another idea is to sew together a tent much like an old
      style circular shower curtain but instead of a large metal ring use
      an integrated shock corded fiberglass tent pole and hang your tent
      from one point and secure the sides to the ground. It would
      resemble a pavilion style tent and would produce much more interior
      room with less height as opposed to a teepee frame. My wife and I
      were recently up in the mountains and Lodgepole pines were the
      predominant tree. I could see that it would be difficult to suspend
      a hammock chair from just one point as the tree branches were almost
      nil, but hanging between two trees anywhere was a cinch. This is
      why I think hanging a hammock chair with a taut ridge line and no
      wooden spreader bar would be the most efficient, but I also think a
      teepee would have a lot of benefits as well. Let me know what you
      think. Your Friend, Rick

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Randal Swink" <rswink@...>
      > OK, so how much room would a body need?
      > Does the tent need to allow you a complete circle of freedom?
      > I was thinking about a Hex 3 like structure, only a little taller.
      You could
      > make a top of just netting and a top for water resistance.
      > I am liking this idea, keep you off the ground and keep you in the
      > pocket up high in a tent, best of both world in the cold. And in
      the heat
      > you would be up off the ground and hopefully could get into a
      better air
      > flow if all you are using is the net.
      > But, holding up the top is there I am getting stuck.
      > On 7/11/07, C C Wayah <ccwayah@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Rick,
      > > Wow a Hammock in a teepee!
      > > Interesting idea.
      > > Rogene
      > >
      > > .
      > > Chair Hammock....
      > > I realize the mosquito netting, sleeping bag, winter insulation
      would all
      > > have to be redesigned for a system like this to work. I think
      a tent
      > > covered tripod frame could be designed with built in mosquito
      netting and
      > > windows for air venting. I believe that with some
      > > a person
      > > might produce a unique system.
      > >
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