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17799Re: [Hammock Camping] Hennesy and Laying Flat

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  • Richard Perlman
    Jul 5, 2007
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      > 3.) For car camping, can the Hennesy be flipped over with the bug net
      > underneath, for easy access during the day or on cold nights when no
      > bug net is required.
      > ###... it can, but it seems that hammockers that use both the hh as well as the top entry types say it's just not as comfy in the chair mode as the top entry type.

      With a Hennessey, you can't flip it 90ยบ and sleep on the "bottom" as
      with some other. There's a permanent ridge line
      that prevents it from working.

      "Chair mode" is when you tuck one side into the other and sit or lounge
      in half the hammock.

      I have 2 different Hennesseys, but prefer a Speer for no bug weather.

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