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17795Re: [Hammock Camping] Hennesy and Laying Flat

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  • tim garner
    Jul 4, 2007
      ken... i'm not a big fan of the hh, mostly because i don't like the fact that the net is permanently attached & so it's always there... even when you don't need it<g>.
      also, it keeps me from being to freely reach things around me like my stove & mocha.
      it also gets in the way of a crystal clear view of the world around me.
      but i'll make a few comments to your questions. then the hh users can share their thoughts. ### ... will be followed by my responses.

      Ken Zeigler <k.zeigler@...> wrote:
      I've been reading posts on this site for some time now and I'm not
      sure that a hammock will work for me. I have a few questions for you
      experienced tree hangers that may help with my decision.

      1.) Does the Hennesy hammock actually allow you to lay flat?
      ###...pretty close, but so will some of the wider top entry types like the speer hammock.

      2.) Is the Hennesy the only hammock available (purchased or homemade)
      that allows you to lay flat or are there other brands?
      ###... see answer to 1st question.

      3.) For car camping, can the Hennesy be flipped over with the bug net
      underneath, for easy access during the day or on cold nights when no
      bug net is required.
      ###... it can, but it seems that hammockers that use both the hh as well as the top entry types say it's just not as comfy in the chair mode as the top entry type.

      4.) Is the Hennesy the only hammock that has the side tie outs? I
      tried a Clark Jungle Hammock (borrowed from a friend) and didn't like
      the way it collapsed around me. I also felt the zippers were under to
      much stress, maybe I hung it incorrectly?
      ###... i can't answer your question about the clark, but as far as i know the hh may be the only one that comes w/ side tie outs. but adding those to a speer type hammock is easy enough.
      but that "canyon" effect is greatly reduced when you lay on the diagonal... head & shoulders slightly to one side & feet slightly to the other side.
      but i have taken my set-up a steep further. it's a home made speer type hammock that is more narrow (50" wide) & i added small, light weight attachment points on each side, above the head, that allow me to use my trekking pole as a spreader bar. to see pictures, go to http://hammockforums.net & look at slowhike's picture gallery. ...tim

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