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17793DD Hammocks

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  • sjedwardson
    Jul 4, 2007
      Sorry to re-post but no-one said anything so i wondered if the post
      made it at all ! Anyways.....

      I am looking to buy a hammock to predominately use in the uk. I have
      seen the Hennessy Hammocks and as great as they look and as costly as
      they are I wondered how the DD hammocks sized up against them. Has
      anybody had any experience of either. Also, being in the UK there arent
      that many places that I know of, in fact none, where i can goto and look
      at hammocks in a shop or other such environment. So if anyone out there
      knows of a place in the south (i live in east Anglia) equally i would be
      appreciative information. Thanks again. Sam
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