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17791Soon to be a hanger!

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  • steve_n0tu
    Jul 3, 2007
      Well, my Hyperlight Asym w/skins is in route! woohoo.

      Possibly next week I'll be able to hang out like you all. YES! But I
      have to admit I've been reasonably comfortable with my tent/pad
      although it takes a night or two to get a solid night's sleep. But I'm
      sure looking forward to the versatility and supposed comfort of the
      hammock and the lower impact of not leaving a flat spot where I slept

      So has anyone else had problems trying to view the Quicktime videos
      on the Hennessy web? I wait for the download to finish and then the
      video starts playing but half way thru it crashes my browser?! I did
      see the videos on YouTube. Which were helpful!

      Boy, between underpads, overpads, and overcovers ...different tarps
      and accessories etc. I'm still scratching my head on what I'll need to
      keep warm and dry? But I guess that's part of the fun? Trying to
      figure out what works for your body type, acquired sleeping gear and
      climate conditions.

      Thanks again for the info!
      Steve in CO
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