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17790Re: [Hammock Camping] One tree hammock camping

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  • tim garner
    Jul 3, 2007
      if you used a rigid pole from tri pod to tri pod & attached the hammock supports to the pole to stretch the hammock out, all the force from the hammock would be strait down... except when you swing.

      Scott <hacktorious@...> wrote: I have to think about it a little bit more, but I bet you could hook the
      hammock line to the center of the tripod; on the bottom. Thus, the force
      would be pulling the legs into the ground. Then you could hook chains, or
      something between the legs to prevent them from spreading too far.

      You would have to find a good way to connect the pieces to form the tripod
      to make it work.


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      On 7/2/07, tim garner wrote:
      > some one recently said some thing that got me thinking about something
      > close to what you're talking about.
      > what if you used a tri pod instead of a bi pod? you might even be able to
      > use a tri pod on each end if you came up w/ a way to brace it well enough to
      > keep it from twisting.
      > for the ridge pole you could use the top rail that is used on a chain link
      > fence. it has a flare on one end so you could take the ridge pole apart for
      > travel.
      > some of the same parts used for a chain link fence might could be used to
      > connect the tri pod together??? ...tim

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