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17789Re: [Hammock Camping] Hanging distance?

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  • Scott
    Jul 3, 2007
      If you are car camping and you need more length you can do this:

      There is a good thread on this at hammockforums.net .


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      On 7/3/07, Martin Mendelson <martin275@...> wrote:
      > With a ridgeline probably a little less than 8 feet or the limits of the
      > ridgeline whichever comes first. Without a ridgeline probably 9 to 10
      > feet.
      > Really a lot depends on your comfort level. For instance a Speer 8.5 can
      > probably be pulled taunt between to trees 9 feet apart but then you have
      > to
      > deal with shoulder squeeze issues. On an Hennessey that won't be an issue
      > but getting in and out without stepping on exposed roots could be an
      > issue.
      > I believe that most hammock manufactures recommend something in the 10 to
      > 14
      > foot region as optimal.
      > Marty
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      > .

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