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17767Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock Basics?

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  • Scott
    Jun 29, 2007
      Yes, you can use the gear you have with a hammock. Many people sleep on
      pads in a hammock. However, many prefer an under-quilt. In many cases they
      are more comfortable than pads. Personally, I prefer an under-quilt. I
      don't like sleeping in a hammock with a pad.

      There are a great deal of forums and hammock sites. This list is a great
      resource. Another good resource is hammockforums.net.

      Here is a list of commercial camping hammocks, which may be of interest.


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      On 6/29/07, steve_n0tu <s2ranch@... > wrote:
      > I'm enticed to purchase a hammock! Been reading about them and a little
      > confused about the condensation issue and the mirade of accessories and
      > continued discussions on on pads, underquits and nests etc.
      > Ok so once I have my hammock what else do I need to stay warm? And
      > what's the deal on condensation? That word scares me as I have down
      > bags! I've been a using a tent/tarp as a ground hugger for years. My
      > normal setup for tent/tarp in CO backpacking down to about 30F is my
      > 30F down bag on top of a Prolite 3/4 foam pad. I use my bag half
      > unzipped quilt style and sleep in silk tights (top and bottom) If it's
      > gonna be really cool I add more layers of fleece (tops and bottoms)and
      > ski hat. I don't normally sweat and tend to side sleep the best. But I
      > think that's because on the ground back sleeping usually isn't to
      > comfortable for me?
      > The lightweight, quick setup and getting up the off the bumpy ground
      > aspect of hanging between trees sounds kinda appealing! Can I adapt the
      > gear I own now to 'hanging' or do I need another whole $$investment to
      > outfit my self for hammocks? Are there any hammock tutorial sites
      > around?
      > Thanks, Steve

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