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17762Re: [Hammock Camping] poncho tarp for HH

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  • Dick Matthews
    Jun 28, 2007
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      The GoLite appears to be made with the 1.9 oz. silnylon rather than the
      1.1 oz.

      I may have exaggerated the hood opening problem. I like to pitch the
      fly very flat for visibility and had one bad experience. As long as
      there is enough slope to the poncho that water does not puddle then the
      hood opening should not be a problem.

      I carry a Gossamer Gear Spinnsheet (3.3 oz.) for a packing and unpacking
      area. It can be thrown over the hammock ridgeline and secured with
      binder clips under the hood opening.

      The GoLite is a good piece of gear. I hope it fits your style.

      Dick Matthews

      Brian Lewis wrote:

      > Perfect --- thanks, Dick. I thought I had surveyed the poncho
      > options pretty thoroughly, somehow I mistakenly thought the Golite
      > poncho was smaller. Same size as the (Equinox) Terrapin/Campmor
      > extension but without the color problem. At 3 oz heavier than my
      > Campmor/Terrapin regular length poncho, I'm not netting as much
      > weight savings as I'd like, but I might just give up the rain jacket
      > I also carry, and it does give me more square inches of coverage for
      > whatever various ways I might use it.
      > The BPL review of the 2005 model likes it well enough, save for some
      > concern about the strength of the tie-outs. I can perhaps do a
      > little stitchery to reinforce the key diagonal tie-outs if Golite
      > themselves haven't fixed that in the more recent model.
      > Web belt is a good idea; I think I'll start with a thin elastic band
      > and thin cord locks and see if that works for me.
      > Have you tried rolling the hood? The MLD poncho uses that approach
      > when pitching as a shelter:
      > http://tinyurl.com/2fkxdo <http://tinyurl.com/2fkxdo>
      > I was thinking of little velcro patches to hold the rolled-up hood in
      > place, but it might be that the hood has to be designed to make it
      > water-tight in that configuration.
      > Two of your hood-sealing options require special situations; could
      > you elaborate on the third? "Put a plastic bag/ground cloth under the
      > hood opening." Are you talking about attaching it somehow directly
      > to the poncho underneath, or ... ?
      > I'm definitely going for the Golite poncho (thanks again!). Once it
      > arrives I guess I'll have to get out the garden hose and do some
      > backyard experimenting with hood closures.
      > Brian Lewis
      > _

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