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17743RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: Looking for an inexpensive hammock

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  • tim garner
    Jun 25, 2007
      mary... i've been sleeping in a hammock nightly for over 2 years now, so i had one handy to test a thought i had about your question.
      normally people suggest having the foot end of the hammock a few inches higher than the head end simply because you will tend to find your largest body mass (the torso) in the center of the hammock, putting your feet in the small end of the hammock.
      but in your case (wanting to sleep w/ the head slightly elevated) if you hang your hammock w/ the foot end maybe about one foot lower, your feet will be near the small end of the hammock, but your head is clearly higher. i just tried it.
      i believe i could sleep just fine that way.
      a couple other things...
      1)... the type hammocks that most people are finding most practical for camping these days are not the types w/ spreader bars on each end. you'll find that type far less stable. look in the picture gallery here for examples. better yet go to the speer hammock web site for lots of pictures & info.
      ed is the owner of this yahoo group & a very nice & helpful guy. his real job just keeps him from taking part here as much as he would like<g>.
      to use inside your family tent, the top loading style (or speer type) would be most appropriate. the hennessy hammocks have a permanently attached bug net, so the only way to get to your stuff (clothes, water, etc) would be to have it inside w/ you or get out of the hammock through a bottom entry slit.
      2)... of course you'll have to have a hammock stand. there are several available that you could buy, but a couple things to keep in mind are that they need to have a base that will be easy on your tent floor & it should be long enough to fit the hammock you buy.
      there is one made by byer that i believe would fit the bill. i believe it even adjusts in length.
      seems like it's about $89 or $99 bucks. they may sell that brand at some of the sporting good stores so you could pick it up & save the shipping.
      and i believe you could hang the foot lower on that stand.
      i'll try to get a few more details later unless you get to it before me.
      there's another web site http://hammockforums.net where there is at least one active thread where people are discussing hammock stands. ...tim

      Mary Neal <sisjake@...> wrote:

      We've used air mattresses in the past, that isn't really what I need. I
      also have acid reflux and need to sleep in a semi-sitting position. I won't
      let my health problems interfere with my camping, so I am looking for some
      way to adjust. I already own a Paco Pad, which is top of the line,
      self-inflatable and insulated...but it is just not enough. In a pinch I can
      prop myself up on duffles but even that gets uncomfortable after awhile.

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