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17595Re: [Hammock Camping] sewing no-see-um question

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  • C C Wayah
    Jun 10, 2007
      > Would this work when trying to sew velcro to noseeum netting?
      I think it would. Remember to put the tape on the netting not the velcro
      then pin the velcro to the fabric. I perfer to tape beofr cutting and cut
      through the tape so the edges are stable.

      Another way to be sure it goes on smoothey is to hand base the velcro to the
      netting beofre you sew but that takes time to hand sew/base then sew with
      machine too.
      Picky people do this regurely with amost evey seam they sew. SO Boring and
      time consumeing but it does help
      to do this with patterns on the fabric your tyrint to match up or with
      delicate stretchy fabrics.

      I've sown some things pinned to newspaper.to kepp it stbalized too.
      Experiance of the types of fabirc is how
      I make the decion how to stableize them. Sometimes the patterns say to sew
      with things pinned to a newspaper but that was 40 years ago that I saw this
      direction on the pattern.
      It works quite well but I don't thnik it would work tith netting as it need
      to be stable before cutting the fabric
      not just when sewing a seam.

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