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17594Re: [Hammock Camping] sewing no-see-um question

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  • C C Wayah
    Jun 10, 2007
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      Most sewing with pins holding the fabric does not hit the needle but if you
      do it can mess up your machines timeing and break the machines needle.
      I've taken the chance and sewed over the pins for years but I did break
      several needles but now with the more sensitve and or easy to break machines
      I pull the pins just before they make it to the foot of the machine. I keep
      pin cushin velcroed to the top of my macnine for collecting the pins.
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      > Really? I was not aware of that. I was misinformed. So do I just pull
      > the
      > pins out before they go under the needle?
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      >> I presume you are talking about pins. Actually, you aren't supposed to
      >> sew
      >> over pins. Possible problems with sewing over pins are bent needles, and
      >> throwing your machine timing out of alignment. Blue tape or green tape.
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